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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Angler Fish

So the 9th grade teachers and I are going out tomorrow night for a special meal of 鮟鱇鍋(pronounced ankou nabe, or in English, boiled angler fish). Apparently its a delicacy in Japan and Slovenia and with the price at about a hundred dollars a head I should hope so. I'm having a hard time believing I will be nibbiling on the fish with the luminescent fishing rod coming out of its forehead; the fish I used to stare at in my 9th grade bio textbook. To celebrate I think I will start a list of all the weird foods Ive consumed in Japan. Off the top of my head:

Raw Horse
Fish reproductive organs(really creamy)
Raw Hamburger
Raw Chicken
Fermented Soy Beans
Boild Cow Brain(in Cambodia)
Chicken Tail(the actual tail)
Pig snout
Sea urchin
Squid killed at the table
and now Angler Fish

Im sure I missed a bunch, but you get the idea.

In other news, the place in town that sold smoked beef rectum closed down recently before I had the chance to try some. Too bad...

Happy Thanksgiving


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