Hokkaido Inaka

Monday, November 21, 2005

ipods for all

After an epic battle with sony and other media moguls in Japan, itunes Japan finally opened this fall, and with its opening Apple has begun selling ipods at 7/11. Now, that may seem strange but convienience stores are totally different and infinitely better than their depressing counterparts in the US--in fact 7/11 Japan recently tried to take over 7/11 America, a brilliant business move i thought, your loss. So now, along with paying all my bills, picking up a tasty rice ball, a fresh pair of socks, and a few CD/Rs I can grab a nano. You have no idea how dangerous this is. Considering the amount of times I have retured from the local watering holes only stop at 7/11 and make a bunch of unecessary purchases, I should have a new ipod video by next month.

Ipods(and for that matter all Apple products) are perfect for the Japanese consumer economy--they have an amazing rep AND they can be described as both cool and cute, the ultimate combo--and if the amount of ohhhs and ahhhs I get from my students when they look at my humble ipod are any indication, these things are going to sell like hot cakes. Watch out Sony. Buy Apple stock now.


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